Hotel Information

Shandong Shunhe Hotel is located in Liyuan Street, Lixia District, close to Ginza Mall, Black Tiger Spring, opposite the airport bus stop, and convenient for travel.
Step into the lobby, there will be hot tea, hot towels to provide, so that you can return to your home as if you have an imported material memory pillow with a neck curve in the room, let you sleep until dawn; millet purifier brings innocence Non-polluting air; through the high-speed wireless network, you can share interesting things about your trip with your family.
. Some rooms are equipped with soft couches, which can be used to provide fruit and newspapers every day in the baby bed; with children, yogurt and small toys.
Exotic cuisine can be enjoyed at the Brazilian barbecue restaurant; the 83-year-old "YanXitang" restaurant is filled with old Jinan elements, authentic Lu cuisine and seafood.
After a full meal, you can take your child to the children's playground to play, or rent a bicycle to visit Baotu Spring, and go to the nearby Black Tiger Spring to pick up a bucket of springs and come back to make tea.